easyXDM just became even easier to use!

To accommodate older browsers that does not implement the postMessage interface, easyXDM is able to fall back to using the URI fragment trick, and until now this has meant that the provided hash.html file had to be uploaded to the local domain (the ‘calling’ domain).

This seems to be a dealbreaker for many as they are unable to upload files to the server, either due to special systems, or because they just want to present an API in the form of ‘just include this javascript file’ etc..

With the new 1.5.5 release, this has all changed.

For scenarios where you do not want to upload the hash.html file, you can now point the local attribute to any file present on the local domain, like robots.txt or favicon.ico, and supply a readyAfter attribute with the number of milliseconds to wait before assuming the local file to be loaded and the library to be ready for interaction.

local: "/robots.txt",
readyAfter: 1000,
remote: "http://.........",

Update: Just released 1.6.0 which makes it possible to utilize the current document instead of loading a new one from the local domain. This makes it very easy to integrate, but does mean that you will be modifying the documents location when falling back to the HashTransport – and this might interfere with for instance history managers etc.

local: window,
remote: "http://.........",

The hash.html file is still the recommended approach for stable
implementations as it is unobtrusive and it guarantees that the library is indeed ready
when transitioning into a ready state.
Using hash.html also shortens the time needed to initialize easyXDM
as there is no need for the delay to give the local file time to
properly load.

All the different ways to set up easyXDM can now be viewed at http://easyxdm.net/wiki/Documentation.ashx

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