The upcoming release of easyXDM v2.0

Major improvements has been added to the project and I am proud to soon be able to release version 2.0, a release that features a new and simpler API, and a stack approach that is highly customizable when it comes to adding new features.

I would really love to get some feedback on the current state before releasing the new version, so as to make it as successful as possible, and so I turn to you.

Please, take a look at the repository at, view the new documentation at, run the tests at or download the code at, and if you feel like it, give me some feedback either on this mailing list, or as an Issue at Github.
Some of the new features planned can be viewed at, and I’ll continue to update this list as new ideas show up.

By the way, moving to the new API is really simple and only requires a few small changes – this is all shown in the examples.

And to show one of them, here is the new xhr.html sample, which shows how to use the easyXDM.Rpc (the old Interface class) together with the bundled xhr.html document.

var xhr = new easyXDM.Rpc({
    local: "../hash.html",
    remote: remoteUrl + "/../xhr.html",
    remoteHelper: remoteUrl + "/../hash.html"
}, {
    remote: {
        post: {}

This will give you an instance of easyXDM.Rpc that exposes a method quite similar to the one many frameworks use for doing AJAX calls…"example/glossary.php", {
    param1: "a",
    param2: "b"
}, function(json){

.. and hey presto, you have cross-domain AJAX without the inherent security issues that other approaches like JSONP has.
By the way, if anybody wants to contribute (as some has started to) feel free to do so!
What the project needs the most is a decent logo, a proper website (maybe something like and to have the documentation extended with samples etc like the ones at .

Also, if you want to stay up to date on new releases, ask questions  etc. then there is now a new google group created for this at

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