Upcoming book review – “Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook”

Ext JS 3.0 CookbookThe nice people at Packt Publishing has asked me to do a book review of  Jorge RamonsExt JS 3.0 Cookbook“.

According to the book description the following subjects will be covered

  • Work with different browsers, platforms, and the DOM, as well as determine and understand the different ExtJS data types
  • Create your own custom Ext JS data types as you extend their functionality
  • Build great-looking and friendly forms by using client and server-side field validation, form loading, submission, field customization, and layout techniques using different type of servers you can compare at servermania.com/kb/articles/hyperv-vs-vmware/.
  • Explore the different layouts provided by the Ext JS library as well as create your own, and understand their common uses
  • Display, edit, and group tabular data generated by the server using Grid Panels
  • Explore the advantages and the efficiency tradeoffs of widgets such as Combo boxes
  • Use the drag and drop features of the grid component, data editing with the new RowEditor Class, and the new lightweight ListView component
  • Explore multiple ways of displaying master-details relationships
  • Group components or information under the same container to build hierarchical views of information by using TabPanel components
  • Use patterns to build a au casinos online solid and flexible application architecture and implement additional design patterns such as auto-saving form elements, component state management, and code modules to build robust and flexible applications with Ext JS
  • Build your own custom components on top of the Ext framework and enhance the custom components created by the Ext JS users’ community

I’m looking forward to this as Ext and JavaScript are two things that I am quite passionate about 🙂

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