Moving to San Francisco, and feeling great.

So, it turns out I’ve accepted a position with Facebook and will be moving to San Francisco as soon as my H1-B clears (should be in not too many weeks). And a few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about

The last six years spent with BRIK has been wonderful and I’ve grown both as a human and as a developer. I’ve worked on a lot of fun projects, some of which has grown quite large, and some not so fun ones. I’ve worked with every aspect of development, from working with clients to drawing technical flowcharts only to throw them away moments later. I’ve worked solo and I’ve acted as CTO for my own, and other companies. I’ll still have an interest in the company as member of the Board, and as an owner, but if everything goes as planned, the company will carry on, and continue to grow even without me as we’ve got some great people on board, and hopefully more will join us (want in on the action?).

Time will tell what I’ll be doing at Facebook, but with the people I’ve met there, the atmosphere and the culture, I can promise you it’s going to be awesome! I have great expectations, to the company as a whole, but most to Facebook as a platform for a new generation of socially enabled (and driven) applications.

As you can probably understand, I’m really thrilled about joining the company, and to add to that, it has caused some publicity here in Norway in both regional and nation wide newspaper (printed and online).
Although most of the content is correct, and as expected, some of it comes across a bit out of context and without reference, which really isn’t to my liking. But I guess that is to be expected..
Anyway’s, just to make it clear; statements such as “I’m the best in the world” are taken completely out of context (and proportions) (I am one of the best on my specific field), and I did not make comments about certain people not knowing what they were doing, rather that they weren’t fully in control of that specific field.

But it’s getting late now, and in about 5 hours, I’ll be on my way to the airport to spend two weeks in San Francisco doing som RnR and some apartment scouting – if you know something suitable in the Mission are, do give me a shout!

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